Backbiting qur an and legal decision

This is a topic that deserves much time so today I will give a brief introduction and later insha Allah provide greater detail so that we can recognise even the subtle aspects of backbiting. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it so hate backbiting.

Backbiting qur an and legal decision

Period of Revelation The Surah discusses three important events which are: These historical events accurately determine the period of the revelation of this Surah. Their high state of morale can be judged from the events that occurred in the first year after Uhud.

Backbiting qur an and legal decision

Hardly two months had passed then the tribe of Bani Asad of Najd began to make preparations for a raid on Madinah, and the Holy Prophet had to dispatch an expedition under Abu Salamah to counteract Backbiting qur an and legal decision.

Accordingly six of the Companions were allowed to accompany them for the purpose. But when they reached Raji a place between Rabigh and Jeddahthey summoned Hudhail against them, who killed four of the Companions, and took the other two Hadrat Khubaib bin Adi and Hadrat Zaid bin ad-Dathinnah to Makkah and sold them to the enemy.

Then in the same month of Safar, on the request of a chief of Bani Amir, the Holy Prophet sent another deputation of 40 according to others, 70 preachers, consisting of the Ansar young men, to Najd. But they were also betrayed. Meanwhile the Jewish tribe of Bani an-Nadir of Madinah, getting encouragement, continued to commit breaches of the treaties; so much so that in Rabi'ul Awwal, A.

Then in Jamadi al-Ula, A.


Thus, after their setback at Uhud, the Muslims went on encountering repercussions continuously for seven to eight months.

However, it was the Holy Prophet's determination and wisdom and his great Companions' spirit of sacrifice that changed these adverse conditions completely within a short span of time.

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The economic boycott by the Arabs had made life hard for the people of Madinah. All the polytheistic tribes around Madinah were becoming rebellious. Inside Madinah itself the Jews and the hypocrites were beat upon mischief.

But the successive steps taken by a handful of the sincere Muslims, under the leadership of the Holy Prophet, not only restored the image of strength of Islam in Arabia but also increased it manifold. The very next day when quite a large number of Muslims lay wounded and the martyrdom of the near and dear ones was being mourned in many houses, and the Holy Prophet himself was injured and sad at the martyrdom of his uncle, Hadrat Hamzah, he called out to the devoted servants of Islam to accompany him in pursuit of the pagans so as to deter them from returning and attacking Madinah again.

The Holy Prophet's assessment was absolutely correct. He knew that, although the Quraish had retreated without taking any advantage of their almost complete victory, they would certainly regret their folly when they would halt and consider the whole matter coolly on the way, and would return to attack Madinah again.

Therefore, he decided to go in pursuit of them, and of of the Muslims at once volunteered to accompany him. When they reached Hamra al-Asad on the way to Makkah and camped there for three days, the Holy Prophet came to know through a sympathetic non- Muslim that Abu Sufyan had stayed at Ar-Rauha, 36 miles short of Madinah, with an army 2, strong: But when they heard that the Holy Prophet was coming in pursuit of them with an army, they lost heart and gave up their plan.

Thus, not only were the Quraish deterred by this action but the other enemies living around Madinah also realized that the Muslims were being led by a person, who was highly well informed, wise and resolute, and that the Muslims were ever ready to lay down their lives at his command.

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Then as soon as the Bani Asad started making Preparations for a raid on Madinah, the Holy Prophet's secret agents gave him timely information about their intention.

Thus, before they could come in force to attack Madinah, he sent an army strong, under Hadrat Abu Salamah the first husband of Hadrat Umm Salamah to punish them.

They took Bani Asad by surprise, who fled in panic leaving all their possessions behind, which fell into the Muslim hands.

Backbiting qur an and legal decision

After this came the turn of the Bani an-Nadir. The day they plotted against the life of the Holy Prophet, and the secret was disclosed, the Holy Prophet ordered them to leave Madinah within ten days and warned that anyone who remained behind after that would be put to death.

Abdullah bin Ubayy, the chief of the hypocrites of Madinah, encouraged them to defy the order and refuse to leave Madinah.

He even promised to help them with 2, men, and assured them that the Bani Ghatafan from Najd also would come to their aid. Accordingly, the Bani an- Nadir sent word that they would not leave no matter what the Holy Prophet might do.

Backbiting is permissible in the following cases: 1- Complaining about oppression or injustice. 2- Seeking others’ assistance for changing something wrong and bringing an . Islam considers backbiting as one of the major sins that a muslim person must not commit (2).This paper will cover reasons why it is prohibited, causes, backbiting non muslims, cure, and cases in which backbiting is permissible. Backbiting & Psychotherapy I often hear from people that they have been told that talking about others in Counseling sessions is the same as backbiting which is not allowed in Islam, and that Psychotherapy is harâm. >>It is lawful to narrate the deeds of another to seek legal decision or law for remedy. For instance, one says: My father.

As soon as the time limit of ten days come to an end, the Holy Prophet laid siege to their quarters, but none of their supporters had the courage to come to their rescue. At last, they surrendered on condition that every three of them would be allowed to load a camel with whatever they could carry and go away leaving the rest of their possessions behind.

Thus, the whole suburbs of the city which were inhabited by the Bani an-Nadir, and their gardens and their fortresses and other properties fell to the Muslims, and the people of this treacherous tribe became scattered in Khyber, Wad il Qura and Syria.

Then the Holy Prophet turned his attention to the Bani Ghatafan, who were preparing for a war against Madinah.Scenarios of Backbiting. February 14, Miscellaneous [] Fatwa ID: Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan: Seeking an answer to a fatwa (legal decision); It is permissible to narrate the deeds of another to seek help.

This is a very interesting book that shows the beautiful names of Allah with a simple and concise meaning It also mentions the evidence of each name with showing how many times it . In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Asma’i related: “I was with a man from the inhabitants of Sham (Modern day Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan regions combined) and was attempting to appease him in a certain manner when a vendor with a bucketful of pomegranates passed by.

Evil of Back-Biting Today I would like to talk about the issue of backbiting. This is a topic that deserves much time so today I will give a brief introduction and later insha Allah provide greater detail so that we can recognise even the subtle aspects of backbiting.

In Islam you mustn't disrespect people but you also mustn't comfort one into their sin (that is a sin). Feeling like the opposite of their gender is something, and actually going out of one's way to permanently change their body and identity is a sin.

Backbiting is permissible in the following cases: 1- Complaining about oppression or injustice. 2- Seeking others’ assistance for changing something wrong and bringing an .

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