Calculating beta for compuware co

The higher the viscosity of a fluid, the less easily it can flow. To observe and record the terminal velocities of different sized balls falling through Glycerol, and hence calculate the viscosity of Glycerol. The only variables that will be changed for us to gain a range of results will be the size of the balls. All other variables including the densities of both the balls and fluids must remain the same.

Calculating beta for compuware co

Calculating Beta for Compuware Co. Because each website has their own underlying assumptions, they compute beta to have different values. In some cases, the variance in beta is as large as 0. However, this is not true and further research implies subtracting a day, or selecting which day to start the week or month has significant impact on the value of beta.

Calculating the viscosity of Glycerol

For the purposes of simplicity, we are assuming this factor should be further researched before making any further assumptions. Largest Effects on Beta: Frequency — Basing stock returns on a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency tends to have a large effect on the value of beta.

Our calculations displayed beta ranging from 0. The main cause of this large disparity was due to the daily frequency.

Daily frequencies seemed to have significantly lower betas, which can be explained by the sheer volume of data points approaching the market efficient value. For instance, if we exclude the daily frequency, the variance of the betas is reduced to 0.

Time Span — Changing the periods of time on a calculation of beta seemed to have considerable effects on the actual value.

Calculating Beta for Compuware Co.

This could be due to the differing states of the economy in each year. Sometimes we do well, sometimes we are not doing so well, and the value of beta will depend on which span of time we choose to include. Small Effects on Beta Risk Free Rate — As shown in Exhibit 1, we can see the risk free rate having little effect on the overall beta when taken out or included in the estimation.

This is due to a relatively stable risk free rate over the time periods we have analyzed. If the risk free rates were more volatile, we expect to see a larger variation when accounting for or discounting the inclusion of beta.

For instance, we can see a larger variation in the monthly one year betas than the monthly three or five years. Replicating Yahoo Finance and Reuters Since both Yahoo Finance and Reuters publicly state how they calculate their betas, we can easily match their values with ours.

However, they differ on their time span parameters. Yahoo chooses a three year time frame giving a beta of 1. As shown in Exhibit 1, you can see our values match their betas under the monthly, three and five year time spans on Table C. Beta seems to be greatly effected by choosing a specific time frame, and how frequently the data should be recorded.

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Calculating beta for compuware co

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Calculating Beta for Compuware Co. Calculating Beta for Compuware Corporation Financial websites tend to calculate beta on securities differently for publicly traded companies. Beta is merely an estimable measure of an assets’ risk in relation to the market. RPM International Inc.

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