Fundamental analysis of fmcg sector

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Fundamental analysis of fmcg sector

The profit for the company jumps by Nestle stock prices remains constant during the time of recession.


The stock price are nearly Rs and therefore the variance and the risk involve in this particular security is zero. Nestle although survives well during the disastrous global downturn.

Fundamental analysis of fmcg sector

The bulk of the shares of this company is holded by the foreign investors and due to the recession this all impact the stock price of the security. The board is liberal to dividend. Small change in market value could change this at a countable rate. Britannia was hit by the collapse of U.

The company has invested euro Britannia at the same time reveal that it had to pay euro This might Choose a Membership Plan have change the rate of return of the security which dipped by 0. Britannia also says that it is going for merger with CFS co-operative financial services.

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The news might have effect on the security and therefore the risk on the security increases to 0. But the risk involved in the rate of return increase for ITC,while it decreases for Dabur and dips near about 3.

But the risk is more in comparison to that of the market. For Britannia and Nestle the rate of return also increases and the risk indulge in this is less as comparison to the market and also with other securities in the portfolio.

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HUL goes for various merger during the later half of Nestle reported net profit of Rs crore in Q1 of There is total increase in income by As we are coming back from the global downturn the impact of recession is less in India as comparison to other capitalist economy because of the regulatory body in India and also the various number of securities to invest.

Therefore there is less risk is involved during the investment in FMCG securities. In this part we will calculate the Expected rate of return and Beta.

But as soon as we are increasing the weight of other securities the value of beta is also ncreasing and it is maximum in portfolio 6.

From this we can conclude that as our ITC weight is increasing the rate of return as well as value of beta is changing,and hence the volatility also increasing.

Fundamental analysis of fmcg sector

From the above portfolio we see that that when we are giving equal weightage to all the securities our rate of return is alsogood and the value of beta is also far less then any other portfolio.

So we can conclude that the 10th portfolio is better option for the investor to invest with having handsome expected rate of return with less volatile portfolio.\ Security Analysis of Fmcg Sector. Security Analysis of Fmcg Sector. Length: words.

Let us write you a custom essay sample on. Security Analysis of Fmcg Sector. Fundamental Analysis of Power Sector ; BTEC National in IT Organisational systems security – Policies and guidelines for IT security ;. Aug 22,  · Swot Analysis of the Fmcg Industry. SWOT analysis of the Indian FMCG industry Background: The size of the Indian fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector is close to Rs bn.

The northern and the western regions of the country account for more than half of the market for consumer goods.

Figure 1: Time Series of FMCG sector Index in India (Period: Jan – Dec ) To obtain further insights into the characteristics of the time series, we decomposed the time series object into its three components – trend, seasonal and random. NIFM certified fundamental analysis crash course is the must do course for both beginner and expert level investors and traders.

Every investor or trader must have the knowledge of all four market segments equity, comodity, future options and currency market. analyze the fundamental analysis of BSE listed FMCG companies in India with a sample size of six companies for a period from to The objectives of the study are to conduct Fundamental analysis for BSE listed FMCG companies and the SWOT analysis for the FMCG industry.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Empirical Analysis of Inventory Turnover Ratio in FMCG Retail Sector - Evidence from the Republic of Serbia | Considering that inventories feature as a.

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