Old man and sea 4

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Old man and sea 4

Silently it began ticking a few days before the arrest of the Pope in And soon, when the count strikesthe final events of the end of the world will begin! It is vitally important to learn about God's countdown clock to the return of the beast of Revelation God set up this clock just for you, but do not wait too long to learn about it or it will forever be too late.

What you learn here will both surprise and shock you. Yes, the clock is still ticking. Within our lifetime, soon, even sooner than you think, it is going to stop suddenly.

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Then the end of the world events will begin and the end will come very quickly! Today, are you ready to meet Jesus when he comes again? The purpose of this web page is to help you clearly understand the true meaning of Revelation 17, which contains some vital information that has remained hidden by the Holy Spirit from the inquisitive minds of even the most brilliant of men for centuries, until now.

Because this knowledge could not have been helpful to those living in generations prior to our time. God intended it only for our time period. It is a sign of God's great love and concern for us that He has fashioned this prophetic method to alert and inform us of what is coming next, all while hiding it from those not needing to know and from those who would have destroyed it had they known of what it prophesied.

Revelation is a book for which the meaning has been gradually revealed to the church over the centuries by events which matched the prophecies of those Old man and sea 4.

In other words, it has unfolded for the church so that the understanding of it has grown as events have revealed the meaning of prophecies that were previously hidden. God designed the book of Revelation to be opened to us in this way so that the book itself would be protected from destuction by those who are prophesied to do certain things and who would destroy it were they to learn of this ahead of time.

The final steps of the prophecies of earth's history are about to take place and through the Holy Spirit God has provided a way to unfold the final steps to us so that we may be prepared. The Bible tells us that when God is about to do something important which will have a major impact on his people, he will not leave us in the dark about it.

Here is proof of that care and concern for his people: On this site, you will learn of the amazing discovery of the hidden connection of the seven heads of the scarlet beast of Revelation 17 with its seven kings and the eighth to the number We will share with you the keys found in the Bible and the history which we used to unlock the mystery of this strange and fascinating chapter, and we will teach you the same keys so you may also understand it.

But there is wisdom ONLY if the counting is done correctly, so not just any method will do. Here you will learn how to correctly count the number, the knowledge of which will reveal to you the clock hidden in Revelation and inform you of where we are in prophetic history.

Specifically, we will show you how the clock accurately predicts certain events to take place between and the end of the world when Jesus comes again. Most of these predicted events have already taken place, something which allows us to test the validity of the master clock.

You will be able to easily see exactly how the clock has counted and measured off the allotted incubation time of the return of the beast before the end begins.

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It is true no one knows the exact time when Jesus will come. The clock revealed here will not tell you the year, day or the hour of the coming of Jesus, but bear in mind that Jesus has forewarned us that we are to know the signs of the times that we may be prepared.

He has always provided adequate prophetic warning of coming crisis events which will spiritually endanger His followers. So there should be no surprise to learn that he has given us this prophetic device, accurately and precisely timed, as a last wake up call before the events strike.

Are you awake now and listening or will you have to wait until the clock strikes to wake you up?

Old man and sea 4

Please consider these verses: We arrogant humans have a fatal flaw, as we automatically, blindly and even unknowingly, make judgments, close our minds, and blithely assume we know the meaning of some of the words and phrases we are reading in Revelation, to the extent it is actually our voice, rather than God's voice, we hear as our eyes race over the familiar words.

Our minds tend to fill in accepted and expected meaning we have been taught in the past. In a very real sense, instead of letting the Bible tell us what it has to say, most people, usually without awareness of what they are really doing, actually read the commentary out of their own minds when they are reading the Bible.

It really happens to many.

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When doing this, they believe they are reading the Bible and they have understood the truth, when in fact they are unaware of what they are actually doing, which is that they are parroting back in their mind things they have read or believed previously or been taught by others the things concerning the material they are reading.

Under such circumstances, people think they have really read and understood the Bible, but have they really done that? Preconceived ideas brought up by the verbal commentary that runs through our minds as we read the Bible can actually block the perception of real truth and if you do not sometimes turn off the commentary which brings those ideas out into your mind and read the Bible without it, you may never know that you are missing something important.

Old man and sea 4

This is not to say that you should never use the commentary in your mind of what you have learned, but rather that once in a while, try reading the Bible without it. You mihht be surprised by what you learn.The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Home / Literature / The Old Man and the Sea / Events / Day Four ; The old man apologizes to the fish for catching him at all, for losing his body to the sharks.

The problem is, the sharks tore up the fish, which means more blood, which means more sharks. The Old Man and the Sea is a short novel written by the American author Ernest Hemingway in in Cuba, and published in It was the last major work of fiction by Hemingway that was published during his lifetime.

One of his most famous works, it tells the story of Santiago. Share Him Bible Studies - Learn more about the Bible through video presentation of Bible study topics. The page that comes up will allow you to pick from various topics and formats.

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