Peaceful resistance a transcendental response to

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Peaceful resistance a transcendental response to

They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not life up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

These are its constitutive questions: What—if any—is the unity of the Christian Bible? What—if any--is its deep structural thrust? What—if any—is the theology of the Christian Bible as a whole?

To begin negatively, that overall theology is emphatically not a change from the God of law, vengeance, and punishment in the Old Testament to the God of grace, love, and forgiveness in the New Testament. Put positively, then, what Peaceful resistance a transcendental response to the theology of the Christian Bible—of this small library disguised as a book and presented as a story—when viewed in its complete thrust from start to finish?

You can read across that entire Bible—from one end to the other—and draw up two contrasting lists. In one such list, God is a God of violence who expects and commands humans to act violently.

Peaceful resistance a transcendental response to

In the other, God is a God of non-violence who expects and commands humans to act non-violently. How are those two visions to be reconciled theologically? Are Christians to imagine a God of both violence and non-violence combined in whatever proportions are dictated by denominational tradition or personal conviction?

Since both divine aspects are certainly present throughout the Christian Bible, it would seem wrong to focus on either one alone—for example, on only what is promised by Isaiah and Micah or only what is commanded by Joel in the epigraph above.

Maybe, that combination of violence and non-violence belongs to God alone and humans must leave violence to God?

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Christians can hardly be the non-violent people of a violent God? For Christians, then, those inaugural questions can and must be rephrased: Was—and is-- the Jesus of history, who is also the Christ of faith for Christians violent, non-violent, or some mixture of both those aspects?

In other words, is Jesus the norm and criterion of the Christian Bible or is that Bible the norm and criterion of Jesus? Did God so love the world that he sent us a Book—or a Person?

Abstract Eventually, from the turmoil of that terrible first century C. Fulfilled, they asserted, was the prophetic promise that the Gentiles would stream to Jerusalem in a world of justice and peace, a world free of fear and violence, want and war Isaiah 2: Yes indeed, said non-Christian Jews, the Gentiles have streamed to Jerusalem but only to devastate our Homeland, destroy our City, and demolish our Temple.

We do not see what you see and we must therefore go our separate ways. Still, as you convert the Roman empire, be careful who converts whom.

My concern here is with Christianity as one of those two equally valid covenantal communities and especially with the Christian Bible, that small library disguised as a book and presented as a story that starts with Genesis 1: My attempt is to imagine a Christian theology for that Christian Bible—as a whole.

That is only persuasive for those who have not read the Bible itself and especially the book of Revelation.This is the story of how the iconic Trinity Boxing Club came to be.

My great grandfather, Lorenzo Snow, opened the original Trinity Boxing Club over years ago in Lower Manhattan in what was then known as the Five Points.

Peaceful resistance a transcendental response to

Peaceful Resistance: a Transcendental Response to Abolitionism Essay Stacey Gaskin American Transcendentalism Peaceful Resistance: A Transcendental Response to Abolitionism The ideals of Transcendentalism lent themselves to be ripe with social change.

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