Police officer ethical dilemma executive summary

You are a police officer who has just graduated from the academy and have been assigned to work patrol. As a new officer within the department you witness a veteran officer accepting inappropriate gifts from community members and local businesses, which is in violation of the department policy and a violation of the ethical code of conduct. The officer is well-respected, popular, and politically connected within the department. Write a paper in which you specify the appropriate steps you would take in this situation.

Police officer ethical dilemma executive summary


Himmelstein and Hannah Bruckner, Pediatrics Jan. The article states that lesbian, bisexual and gay youth are singled out more than their heterosexual counterparts for punishment from authorities, including police and school officials, according to a new study.

It offers recommendations for helping law enforcement agencies achieve a smooth, rapid public warning activation program. Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: The project also helps local law enforcement agencies schedule firearm safety events in their communities. As of MarchProject ChildSafe had distributed more than 9 million safety kits in nearly 12, communities in 46 states.

Sex Crimes Against Children: Risky Actions and Overreactions.

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Project Safe Childhood aims to combat the proliferation of technology-facilitated sexual exploitation crimes against children. Among other resources, the website contains a guide available on-line, and a list of on-line publications.

National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse. Church, Synagogue, and Mosque Security Article: Read how the local police can secure the houses of worship.

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This guide is for law enforcement executives who strive to prevent misconduct within their departments, properly address misconduct, should it occur, and build and maintain community trust and confidence. A Guide for Police and Community Leaders addresses the implementation, expectations, and evaluation of mediation programs.

The mediation process focuses on solving problems by understanding the conflict and the stakeholders involved, not on placing blame. Mediation programs have been successful in settling disputes, but implementing them can be difficult.

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This Office of Community Oriented Policing Services guide by Samuel Walker, Carol Archbold, and Leigh Herbst examines how to deal with implementation obstacles and how to overcome police and citizen resistance to a mediation program.

It also reviews a successful mediation process for communities considering developing a mediation program. Key issues, such as eligibility, cultural barriers, and creating a level playing field between the police and those involved in the conflict, are discussed. For availability and ordering information, contact the U.

Department of Justice Response Center at or access the guide electronically. It explains how to start, manage, and expand a neighborhood watch group.

Community Policing Beyond the Big Cities.

Police officer ethical dilemma executive summary

National Institute of Justice, U. Can police and sheriffs in small cities and rural areas conduct community policing?Feb 26,  · Free Essays on Examples Of Ethical Dilemmas Most people involved in business disregarding small or big business, employers, chief executive officer or top management always face ethical or moral It appears that some officer’s behavior has created an ethical dilemma.

Some Virtual County Police officers were faced with an ethical.

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The management of such discretionary choices is, as Whitaker () notes, a “central dilemma of police administration,” and often gives rise to a tension between the discretionary nature of police work and the imposition of hierarchical controls.

Ethical Dilemma Executive SummaryNameClassDateProfessorEthical Dilemma Executive Summary Police officers are expected to display moral and ethical behavior and use. COURSE OVERVIEW Decision Making and Problem Solving Page 1 About This Course Being able to make decisions and solve problems effectively is a necessary and vital part of the job for every emergency manager, planner, and responder.

Any officer who joins a new department has to be faced with the ethical dilemma of what is right and wrong. An officer, who witnesses another officer accepting a bribe, is left with the burden of deliberating if they should report what they witnessed.

CHAPTER 4 Managerial Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility The situation at Timberland illustrates how difficult ethical issues can be and symbol-izes the growing importance of discussing ethics and social responsibility.

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