Read write and think poetry

Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. I want my students to be able to form a relationship with the reader by creating a speaker's voice that is lively, engaging, and interesting. As the students immerse themselves in Langston Hughes's powerful masterpieces, they will understand voice in poetry.

Read write and think poetry

Unit test Read these web pages for this poetry unit. Click on the links for metaphor, imagery, sound, idea, and the right word that you find at the top of the page. Learn these elements of poetry.

read write and think poetry

Also, learn what you can on your own about the poetry terms you find by clicking on the link at the top of this page. Read 10 poems of your own choosing.

Find links to online poetry sources on the poetry links page. Other good sources of poems are our literature book and the library. Do not choose poems that we read together in class. For this unit, please read only published poems and not poems written by friends or other students.

Anonymous poems are also not allowed for the poetry journal. You may not use poems written for children. You may not use song lyrics see essay option 3 instead Most poems from. When in doubt, check with me.

Record the urls for the poems you'll include in your poetry journal by either copying and pasting them into Word or by making hyperlinks right away in your journal.

Voice in Poetry: Dream a World with Langston Hughes

Keep a poetry journal. Your poetry journal is your own collection of favorite poems for this class. It's your own anthology.

In it, you will list all ten of the poems you read for this unit, including the title and the poet. Then, for three of the ten poems, you will write a journal entry.

For each of these three poems, write why you like the poem or what it means to you. Be specific with this. Give reasons and examples to support what you say. Also, point out something specific in the poem that connects to one of the five elements of poetry found in the table at the top of this page.

read write and think poetry

For example, if you found a metaphor in the poem, write it down and explain it. Or if there is a great image in the poem, show what it is.

Here is how you should set up your journal. See an example of what the journal entries might look and sound like.

This journal is to be published on your web page. Each journal entry must be no shorter than words Click here for questions that might help you write in your journal. A link to this journal must be in your webfolio.

Poetry Journal Grading Rubric Oral reading. Choose your favorite of these 10 a poem of at least 12 lines long to read to the class. Introduce this poem to us by giving us an idea about what it means to you and why you chose it.

The Start of Writing a Poem

Then give us the title of the poem and the name of the poet. What you wrote about in your journal will help you prepare for this reading. Read what our former poet laureate, Billy Collins, has to say to high school students about reading a poem out loud. You will be writing an essay ; choose from the options below: Each essay has specific directions.

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Write a free verse poem with the class: Choose a topic.

Related Genres

Explain that free verse, like other forms of poetry, can make a seemingly common or ordinary person, place, thing, or experience into something special or extraordinary.

Model for students how to use their experiences and . The experience of reading a poem itself is as likely to turn us off, intellectually or emotionally, as it is to move us. Unless patronized by celebrities, set to music, accompanied by visuals, or penned by our own children, poems do a terrible job of marketing themselves.

Learn to write poetry: THE HAIKU Today we will look at the haiku, which is a Japanese poetry style made up of three short alphabetnyc.come haikus are short and often use simple vocabulary, they are great for learners of English to read and write.

Poets on Poetry. Famous quotations about poetry: 'Well, write poetry, for God's sake, it's the only thing that matters.' e. e. cummings 'In my view a good poem is one in which the form of the verse and the joining of its parts seems light as a shallow river flowing over its sandy bed.' 'I think a poet is anybody who wouldn't call.

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