Scientific monograph thesis

Monographic series The term "monographia" is derived from the Greek "mono" single and grapho to writemeaning "writing on a single subject". Unlike a textbook, which surveys the state of knowledge in a field, the main purpose of a monograph is to present primary research and original scholarship ascertaining reliable credibility to the required recipient. This research is presented at length, distinguishing a monograph from an article.

Scientific monograph thesis

Swedish Which format should the PhD-student choose and what are the effects of the choice? This was discussed at a research seminar at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science yesterday.

Summary chapters is the part where the author has the possibility to discuss methodological and theoretical choises. Also, the main point or the scientific contribution of the thesis is made clear. The discussions during the seminar were very interesting.

scientific monograph thesis

Supervisor role was also discussed and what the supervisor might need to learn while supervising one form or the other. The articles in a compilation thesis are peer reviewed which can be of variying quality but the author will get an indication that the work that is being done is interesting and has a high enough quality.

With monograph the text does not go through the same kind of continuous reviewing from someone on the outside. There are some thoughts from the point of view of publishing strategy.

This leads that they will learn different things and will be stressed for different things. Also, there is a risk that some of the first articles will not be relevant when the thesis is compiled.

There might be some wishes from the university. A part of the resource allocation is based on the number of publications. While a monograph may be turned into articles after the public defence.

Which one is prefered? In conlusion it might be said that there are as many ways to write a thesis as a monograph as a compilation thesis as there are doctoral students and that the form is secondary to quality.

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What suits you might not work for someone else.A thesis as a collection of articles or series of papers, also known as thesis by published works, or article thesis, is a doctoral dissertation that, as opposed to a coherent monograph, is a collection of research papers with an introductory section consisting of summary less used terms are "sandwich thesis" and "stapler thesis".

It is composed of already-published journal. It might be said that there are as many ways to write a PhD thesis as a monograph as a compilation thesis as there are doctoral students and that the form is secondary to quality.

What suits you might not work for someone else. A doctoral thesis may be written as a monograph or as a compendium of several shorter scientific or academic papers. Which type of thesis is appropriate for you will depend on the topic, norms in the field etc.

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