Speech exchange year

The best way to learn that all of those are not true at all, is being an exchange student. Getting rid of stereotypes was not the only reason which made me want to me an exchange-student. I wanted to learn speaking English like as original language, which is never possible because of my lovely Finnish accent. You can see lots of things about American culture from TV and movies.

Speech exchange year

Sami Iowassa: "Being an exchange-student" (my first speech in Speech class)

The global preeminence that the university has achieved is nowhere more in Speech exchange year than here at the Marshall School, where so much cutting-edge work is being done that is benefiting almost every aspect of business, finance, and accounting. To help fix the problems with Sarbanes-Oxley and the audit, I tapped Dr.

And she is working closely with the members of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board to replace the existing auditing standard under section with a more workable approach that is top-down, risk-based, and scalable for companies of all sizes. Of course the agency is delighted that she was also one of the presenters at this Summit.

Palmrose to thank - and also USC, because the university is making a financial contribution to her service in Washington. And Pat Haden, of course, is in a league of his own. His contributions to the university and to our community have been extraordinary. For me, it really is a privilege to be back on campus in my current role.

As you all remember, that was a classic all-day event that began in the morning with elaborate tailgate parties all around the campus and the Coliseum. And like all of these gatherings, it was a great opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones.

Well, during the pregame festivities a woman came up to me with her son, and rather sheepishly asked, "Are you the new Chairman of the SEC?

And so she said, "will you sign this for my son? I just got the autograph of the new Chairman of the Southeastern Conference! These changes are remaking the very nature of communications between companies and investors.

Whether in periodic reports, or proxy solicitations, or any other investor communication, our overarching goal is to make disclosure more accessible and more useful to investors.

From the forms issuers file to the accounting standards they use, the SEC is waging an all-out war on complexity. Our new e-proxy rules will soon make it possible for investors to realize the full potential of interactive data.


And in a related area, our ongoing conceptual work to update the proxy rules could pave the way for an Electronic Shareholder Forum in which investors could securely and anonymously share information about their company.

That cutting-edge thinking is already spurring private firms to invest in creative new ways for shareholders to use the Internet to communicate with one another. With that principle in mind, the SEC recently put into place a comprehensive rewrite of the rules governing executive compensation disclosure.

And in the last several weeks, the first proxy statements containing the new disclosures have been filed with the Commission. Your second language is Legalese. So let me ask you a question. Take off your lawyer hat, and put on your investor hat - the one you wear when you figure out what to do with your kyour IRA, your plan, or your lifetime savings.

Andy Craig. Andy teaches executives to talk more on the weekdays like they do on the weekends – when they are at their best as storytellers. As a coach, he puts executives on camera and uses the video to help develop story-based presentation narratives that are meaningful in the moment and memorable after the session. May 31,  · My name is Hannah Bywater from Ontario, Canada I am 16 years old and doing a Rotary Youth Exchange year in Fribourg, Switzerland. I have been . Speech Exchange Year Essay. Bom dia meu nome e maria ignacia tenho dezesseis anos e moro em sao paulo brasil Good morning my name is maria ignacia i have sixteen years old and i live in sao paulo brazil I live in a place that is completelly different from here, we have a lot of buildings, factories and a lot of traffic, here i feel peaceful because i dont see traffic at all - Speech Exchange.

When you get that prospectus or that proxy statement in the mail - do you immediately plunk down in a comfortable chair and read it? How many people here actually read all of the stuff that comes in the mail courtesy of the SEC?

Any enterprise has to be concerned if the customers are throwing away the product.

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Nowhere is this more important than with the new executive compensation disclosure, because of its close connection to good corporate governance. They determined that all 40 of them fall far short of accepted standards of readability. In fact, they found that most of the disclosure documents failed even to meet the readability standards that states require for insurance forms.

Speech exchange year

For starters, the executive pay disclosures in the study were verbose. And the longest was more than 13, words - a far sight longer than a full-length feature in the New Yorker. But we have tools to help us fight back.

Just as the Black-Scholes model is a commonplace when it comes to compliance with the stock option compensation rules, we may soon be looking to the Gunning-Fog and Flesch-Kincaid models to judge the level of compliance with the plain English rules.

Those are the readability metrics that were used in this study. Specifically, the study used three models: It was developed in to measure the readability of English prose, based on sentence length and the number of complex words. Not surprisingly, the articles in the Wall Street Journal score just under 12, with a typical Fog Index of between 11 and Speech by SEC Chairman: Closing Remarks to the Second Annual Corporate Governance Summit by Chairman Christopher Cox U.S.

Securities and Exchange .

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