Steroids should be banned

Should the IFBB ban steroids for real? This muscle building guide is brilliant:

Steroids should be banned

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike There are always two explanations — what they are telling us and the truth. Behind every decision affecting a massive amount of people stand heavy political interests and a desire to promote specific financial, moral and cultural concepts.

Nothing is simply a coincidence. All action is planned carefully behind closed doors even though all correspondence appears to be a mystery. The public receives cheap PR appealing only to those who find reality shows and celebrity gossip valuable.

Those who are caught using are labeled as cheaters and suffer severe consequences. They remain a wild card that can burn whole nations. There are many examples of similar scenarios. Do you think that the rest of the teams were clean? If you do, you are pretty naive in that regard.

Why were the Bulgarians banned? There are two logical explanations. Either the medical team failed to clean the systems of the lifters for the scheduled tests or politics decided the outcome. The second one is the more likely explanation. The legendary coach of the old Bulgarian Olympic weightlifting team, Ivan Abadjiev, has said many times that the medals at big forums are divided prior to the event.

In many interviews, Abadjiev reveals that he was asked to split medals with the Soviet team. The situation with the former American hero Lance Armstrong is similar.

Out of nowhere, he decided to confess in front of none other than the definition of corporate mainstream media — Oprah. As a result, his medals were given to the next in line. How could one possibly believe that the other cyclists were not relying on performance-enhancing drugs PEDs?

To be at the top, you need elite genetics, luck and perseverance. Have you ever wondered why small countries are always harmed at the Olympics?

Because the sponsors say so. Small country, small money. Nobody ever wanted sports to be fair, and they will never be. The real players are the corporations and the large economies behind the teams. Steroids are used as a way to control the pawns in the desired direction.

Every athlete is a potential PED abuser who can get burned. InBen Johnson from Canada was the first human to run m in 9. However, he was stripped of his Olympic Gold Medal due to the use of stanozolol a. The medal was given to Carl Lewis. To this day, repercussions are felt.

InJohnson stated the following: The m records continued to improve. Between and today, the world record went from 9. Those numbers may seem super close to people who are not involved in the sport, but every millisecond could very well equal 5lbs more weight to a weightlifting record.They are banned in certain federations.

The Olympia level federations wouldn't ban them because everyone at the highest level needs steroids to keep that amount of muscle and so the look would change, men and women would be smaller in size which wouldn't be good for revenue in the sport.

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Steroids should be banned

estimated that at least percent of high school seniors in the United States have tried steroids, which is , males between the ages of 17 and 18 (Anabolic Steroids).

Jan 23,  · Should We Accept Steroid Use in Sports? A panel of experts debates whether performance-enhancing drugs should be allowed in competitive sports. One group says efforts to ban drugs from sports is bound to fail.

Another group contends drugs harm athletes and encourages abuse. It's the latest in the series Intelligence Squared U.S.

Steroids should be banned

Steroids should NOT be banned in all sports. Certainly it is acceptable for private organizations to require its participants to sustain from steroids both legal and illegal.

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Major League Baseball, being a private (not government) entity, has the right to ban their use. Why are steroids banned from sport? By Josh Davidson, August 31, Drug users are constantly trying to find ways to mask the use of illegal or banned substances.

Consequently, to get the most out of the situation, steroids are banned and will remain banned forever. Drugs create a better show and can also be used as a secret weapon against naughty sports stars, coaches and nations, refusing to pay their fees.

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