This i believe speech essays for pmr

Moreover, postmodernism is gaining a clear and growing consensus in popular culture.

This i believe speech essays for pmr

Self-organizing plasma conducts electric and magnetic fields. Its motions can generate fields that can in turn contain it.

This can reject an externally applied magnetic field, making it diamagnetic. The simplest is to heat a fluid. Most designs concentrate on the D-T reaction, which releases much of its energy in a neutron. Electrically neutral, the neutron escapes the confinement.

In most such designs, it is ultimately captured in a thick "blanket" of lithium surrounding the reactor core. When struck by a high-energy neutron, the lithium can produce tritium, which is then fed back into the reactor. The energy of this reaction also heats the blanket, which is then actively cooled with a working fluid and then that fluid is used to drive conventional turbomachinery.

It has also been proposed to use the neutrons to breed additional fission fuel in a blanket of nuclear wastea concept known as a fission-fusion hybrid. In these systems, the power output is enhanced by the fission events, and power is extracted using systems like those in conventional fission reactors.

In these cases, alternate power extraction systems based on the movement of these charges are possible. Direct energy conversion was developed at LLNL in the s as a method to maintain a voltage using the fusion reaction products.

This has demonstrated energy capture efficiency of 48 percent. This method races hot plasma around in a magnetically confined, donut-shaped ring, with an internal current. As of April an estimated experimental tokamaks were either planned, decommissioned or currently operating 35 worldwide.

Twisted rings of hot plasma. The stellarator attempts to create a natural twist plasma path, using external magnets, while tokamaks create those magnetic fields using an internal current. Stellarators were developed by Lyman Spitzer in and have four designs: Torsatron, Heliotron, Heliac and Helias.

One example is Wendelstein 7-Xa German fusion device that produced its first plasma on December 10, These use a solid superconducting torus. This is magnetically levitated inside the reactor chamber.

The superconductor forms an axisymmetric magnetic field that contains the plasma. Developed by Richard F. Post and teams at LLNL in the s. Variations included the Tandem Mirrormagnetic bottle and the biconic cusp.

A number of magnetic mirrors are arranged end-to-end in a toroidal ring. Any fuel ions that leak out of one are confined in a neighboring mirror, permitting the plasma pressure to be raised arbitrarily high without loss.

this i believe speech essays for pmr

This device traps plasma in a self-organized quasi-stable structure; where the particle motion makes an internal magnetic field which then traps itself. A spheromak has both a toroidal and poloidal fields, while a Field Reversed Configuration only has no toroidal field.

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this i believe speech essays for pmr

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