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Time tim chat time

Live chat seems like a win-win. Support agents can answer questions rapidly, keep their chat handle time low, and swiftly move on to help the next customer.

Unfortunately, customers are rarely getting this experience. Yet, nearly all customers also report wanting in-depth, accurate support. More than half of those surveyed said they would stop shopping with a company if live chat is not offered.

You can measure the average handle time (AHT) of a chat session, but how you get the information will depend on the system you are using. Systems that provide the data usually provide a time length of each transaction as well as an average time length that would be comparable to AHT. k Likes, Comments - Monica Brown (@monicabrown) on Instagram: “An ode to Johnny Depp & Tim Burton at the same time . The Hatter & Edwariana Scissorhands. Ahead of the Australian premiere of Mega Time Squad at Sydney Underground Film Festival, we caught up with the film's director Tim Van Dammen for a chat.

This leaves businesses in a catch To serve customers quickly and efficiently, businesses need to use scripted responses. But to provide personalized service, they need to allow ample time to respond.

This puts a lot of Time tim chat time on the support agent: Most live chat solutions have yet to find a way to help agents lower their response times, while also allowing them to provide thorough support.

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But the new Kayako Messenger aims to bridge that gap. They give support teams yet more things to prioritize, juggle and solve.

Communication over more channels at scale gets clunky When your business is small and operating in a centralized way, adding another means of communication may not be a big deal. Your agents will also struggle to keep track of the many ways customers are reaching out, and becoming discouraged and disempowered in the process.

Time tim chat time

Customers may wait longer than they should for help, or worse—they may fall through the cracks. But there are ways to bring down handling times and provide a stellar experience.

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How to reduce AHT in chats 1. Stay organized, keep things in the right buckets Whether you want to make sure certain customers get helped by particular staff or ensure customers get answers in a set amount of time, automation tools need to be part of your arsenal. Automations can be used to: Send your most important, high profile customers to the right members of your support staff for the best treatment.

Divide customers by geography. If you have a US customer and a US-based team, you can set a trigger what we call a type of automation in Kayako to automatically connect those two groups.

Assign conversations based on support channel. This way, the person who handles social media support always handles the requests from Twitter. Be proactive from the start One of the best ways of reducing your chat handle time is to avoid having to chat at all.

According to a study by Sabio and the Customer Contact Association25 to 40 percent of all support calls in the UK did not need to happen.

Many people make calls to companies wondering where their package is—a question that might be easily answered on the website.

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Getting ahead of these common complaints can drastically reduce your volume of chats and calls and lower response times. You can be proactive by: Making information easily accessible: If you get a few common questions over chat, add links to self-service articles or FAQs on your home screen.

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Time tim chat time

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