Two bullies write a book

This more insidious, and frequently sarcastic, form of bullying has received far less recognition than the two better-known forms. As Rohban Zahid puts it: This construct creates intellectual bullying, the emotional and psychological harassment one imposes on another based on his or her intellectual understanding. Intellectual bullying is no different than physical bullying:

Two bullies write a book

The events themselves may be very interesting, or exciting, but without the universal human connection, they will not engage our attention in any real way. You must want to or even need to explore that particular theme for you to keep writing.

Many people tend to confuse the theme of a story with the plot. To learn about the difference between theme and plot click here. If your theme is not compelling to you, it will certainly not be compelling to your readers.

So think very carefully, not just about your themes but about how you intend exploring them. Alienation — The effects of, the loneliness of, to cure it.

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Ambition — getting what you want, stunted by, thwarted. Betrayal — the pain of, in love and friendship.

two bullies write a book

Courage — courage to deal with conflict, lack of, developing, conquering with. Discovery — what does it take to discover new places, inner meaning, strength, even treasure.

Escape — from life, routine, prison, family pressures. Death — how to escape, facing, what happens after, consequences of. Fear — driven by, dealing with, conquering. Freedom — loss of, gaining, handling, fight for.

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Good versus evil — survival of one despite the other, the triumph of one over the other. Isolation — physical and emotional. Jealousy — trouble caused by, denial of, driven by. Justice — the fight for, injustice, truth versus justice.

Loss — of life, innocence, love, friends, to avoid. Loneliness — no man is an island, or hell is other people. Love — love fades, is blind, can overcome all obstacles, can Lust — for power, for sex. Power — the search for, the loss of, what we are willing to exchange for. Prejudice — racism, bigotry, snobbery, dealing with.

Security — the loss of, the finding of the need for, how we act when security is shattered. Spirituality and God — the struggle to find faith, live without faith etc.

Remember you will need to be obsessed with your chosen theme to keep writing about it for long periods of time. Being aware of your themes can help you sell your books. For help choosing a theme click here.Writing an Objective Summary Learning Target: I can provide an objective summary of a text.

1 • Write only enough to convey the central idea ( sentences maximum) *To stop bullying, individuals should speak up when they are bullied or when they see bullying happen. Girl bullies don't leave black eyes, just agony. lone classmate, often for no particular reason.

The girls will start rumors about the victim, pass notes in class or write embarrassing letters to boys and sign the victim's name. Simmons described the ordeal of "Jenny," the new girl in school whom two bullies decided to target -- for.

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When Teachers Bully. If you have a copy of our From Emotions to Advocacy book, you will find sample letters in the book that will help you. If you are not documenting the bullying in writing to the school, you should be, in as non threatening way as possible. I had a similar issue.

2 teachers who had never taught my son, bullied him. Another study that followed up with Finnish teens two years after the initial survey showed that depression and The first known documented use of "workplace bullying" is in in a book by Andrea Adams called Kohut MR The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling, and Stopping Bullies & Bullying: A Complete Guide for Teachers.

The bully is not just hurting your feelings; the bully is sabotaging business success. If the bullying occurs in email, texts, or correspondence, maintain a hard copy of the trail of emails and texts and file them in a folder in your computer.

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