Weekly writing assignments for elementary students

This Access Center resource is intended to help teachers implement writing instruction that will lead to better writing outcomes for students with and without writing difficulties.

Weekly writing assignments for elementary students

For example, a persuasive essay on "the greatest baseball hero of all time" or "why we need to be green" or even "why we need a longer lunch period" surely would use data to support the thesis.

Write a friendly letter The letter can be to a real or imaginary audience, on a math topic of interest.

weekly writing assignments for elementary students

Ask good questions worth communicating about, with multiple possible approaches. Make sure early activities are fairly easy and satisfying for all students. We don't want to compound a possible bad attitude about math with a bad attitude about writing! We want writing to enhance the experience of learning math.

Discuss the assignment before writing time begins. Make sure students understand why you are asking them to write. Begin with verbal explanations as a shared class activity. As students explain orally, ask questions to help them clarify their responses. Don't just "assign" writing -- facilitate it in many ways; guide students as they learn how to be more effective thinkers and communicators.

Provide writing prompts -- including guidelines, criteria, rubrics, and strategies. Share models of successful student writing. Ask students to consider a specific audience Imagine they are explaining to a young child step by step, or write as if they are mathematicians using proper terminology.

Provide frequent opportunities for cooperative learning: Discuss beforehand in small groups; write in pairs or small groups; respond to writing in small groups.

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During writing time, circulate, ask questions, and elicit ideas "What do you have to do? Respond to the content. What makes you think that? How are the numbers 10 and alike? How are they different? What is your favorite shape? Why do you like it so much?

Write a poem or poster describing why it's so great. How many measurements can you think of to describe yourself?

Why or why not? List five or more kinds of statistics or number facts that are used to talk about baseball and baseball players. How else are numbers used in baseball? Explain how you could multiply 6 x 99 in your head. Estimate how many students are in the whole school.

Explain how you came up with your estimate and how you might check the accuracy of the estimate. Write a story problem that cannot be solved because there is not enough information.

Describe an object from your bedroom or kitchen using as many numbers and math terms as you can. How do your parents use math?

weekly writing assignments for elementary students

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