Write a letter of complaint to the municipal officer for sanitation

Sir, I am living in the second street of Lingapuram in Kovilmedu. The sanitation is very bad here. The roads here are not swept regularly. They are dirty with full of rubbish.

Write a letter of complaint to the municipal officer for sanitation

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Judicial Response to Environmental Issues in India Environmental protection during the last few years has become not only a matter of national concern but of global importance.

It is now an established truth beyond all doubts that without a clean environment the very survival of mankind is at stake. Decline in environmental quality has been evidenced by increasing pollution, loss of vegetal over and bio-diversity, excessive concentration of harmful chemicals in the ambient atmosphere and food chains, growing risks of environmental accidents and threat to life support systems.

How could the judiciary remain a silent spectator when the subject has acquired high importance and become a matter of caution and judicial notice. The Judiciary remained as a spectator to environmental exploitation until recently.

But now judiciary assumed an effective role of public educator, policy maker, super-administrator, and more generally, amicus environment. In India Environmental law is judicial response to the queries of its citizens against environmental exploitation and administrative sloth and also role played by the public interest litigation.

Since most of the environment cases in India have been brought before the court as writ petitions, normally by individuals acting on pro bono basis.

While numerous legislative steps have been taken to give effect to the significant right of man to live in a sound environment and the corresponding duty of the state and individuals to ensure environmental preservation and conservation, our present endeavor is to analyze the steps taken by judiciary to forward this goal.

To achieve this end, the judiciary had evolved certain principles to provide effective remedy in case of violation of constitutional and legislative mandate.

In the subsequent sub divisions, several concepts which the judiciary has evolved in order to give force to the right of man to a healthy environment would be briefly dealt with.

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Right to a Wholesome Environment Judicial recognition of environmental jurisprudence, in the backdrop of industrialization, reached its peak with the pronouncement of the Supreme Court that right to wholesome environment is a part of Article 21 of the Constitution.

In Subhash Kumar v. State of Bihar, the court observed that Article 32 of the Constitution has been designed to enforce the fundamental rights of the citizen.

The said articles provides for extraordinary procedure to enforce the right of a person. The right to life under Article 21 includes the right to enjoyment of pollution free water and air for full enjoyment of life.

Judicial concern regarding right to wholesome environment has been reflected in subsequent pronouncements. It has issued appropriate directions where the government machinery has failed to perform its statutory duty, and thereby undermined the right to life guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution.

write a letter of complaint to the municipal officer for sanitation

Union of India and Others, the chemical industries surrounding Bichhri Village in Udaipur Rajasthan contaminated the water, soil and air through the discharge of highly toxic effluents, particularly iron-based and gypsum based sludge.

The court interfered to give proper remedy to the destitute villagers. It opined that the social interest litigation under Article 32 of the Constitution was a weapon in the hands of the people to enforce their right to wholesome environment, when it was blatantly disregarded by industries.

In other words, the court reaffirmed that right to clean environment is an important facet of the right to life.

Complaint DetailsPlease provide as much information as possible: date of the incident - client number (if available) - full description of the incident - desirable resolution of your complaint, for example: request a refund, return, repair, etc. Remember! It took a month, but on 24th August he sent a response letter to the Chief Officer and Pramukh (head) for emergency municipal solid waste disposal of Bakshipunch Area. They also did a planning exercise for disposal of waste in the area. A: Respond to any Police District or ask an officer on the street to run a query on your social security number. You should provide some type of identification, if possible. You should provide some type of identification, if possible.

MV Naydu, has put forward the view that matters relating to environment are of equal significance with those of human rights. In its own words: Environmental concerns arising in this court under Article 32 or under Article or under Article in the High Courts are in our view, of equal importance as Human Rights Concerns.

In fact, both are to be traced to Article 21 which deals with fundamental right to life and liberty.On August 17, , however, an inmate informed an officer that eight other inmates, with plaintiff as their ringleader, were planning an escape that might involve many others.

The plan was to assault an officer, obtain his keys, and then remove cell bars by twisting a sheet, using a book as a lever.

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To request a copy of the complaint form, call () Submit your completed form or letter to USDA by: mail:U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Independence Avenue, SW.

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Write a letter of complaint to the health officer for action needed to keep your locality clean. Self address December 28 To The health officer XXXXX (Name of the organisation) XXXX (City name).

write a letter of complaint to the municipal officer for sanitation

Write a complaint letter regarding overflow of drainage in your locality / village.

A complaint letter to Municipal commissioner describing poor sanitary condition.